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About Us

Binsher-iCook is a start up initiative spearheaded by Mrs. Bindu George, a woman entrepreneur from Kochi and staunchly supported by an experienced leader Mr. Giji P. Varghese, our CEO.

This is a small step to our bigger dream. We dream of making our homemakers part and parcel of a dynamic women's entrepreneurship program. With the Food Industry making leaps and bounds, Home food has become the synonym of health, and Binsher i-Cook intends to tap into this segment in a well-planned manner and get the homemakers, even from the remotest villages, a part of this noble concept by using technology platforms.

Welcoming the World to God's Own Country

Our vision is to provide a digital platform for every homemaker who can produce the best of traditional tastes and inspire them to become promising women entrepreneurs in our God's Own Country. We have a grand plan to train and equip every homemaker's Kitchen into a revenue-generating centre and empowering them to support their families. We will revolutionise this concept with KFon reaching every home in Kerala and creating a seamless network access opportunity. We will impart training in hygiene and health factors and ensure they are professionally equipped to manage the business collectively or individually and win the trust of every customer and their family. They will be trained, tested, and certified. We will link them with the tourism industry and invite the ‘World’ to taste the goodness of Kerala's food and culture. Thus, they will become active agents of promoting tourism in our state.
Our goal is to encourage people to take care of their health and creating an opportunity for women homemakers to be essential partners in making a healthier nation and empowering our women homemakers. We are making small strides, and we have miles to go before we move into the ‘Success Orbit’.  We seek the guidance and support of our loyal customers in every step we take. Finally, it is you who will catapult us into the ‘Success Orbit’ and together we will create a better healthy world.